William Fenwick Roscoe First World War - Diary 31 Oct 1914 - 24 Jan 1914

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Sunday July 4th Church parade by Colonel McPhee text (Knock & it shall be opened to you) Ask & ye shall receive Monday July 5 Some very heavy shells burst close handy & made us feel very unsafe, dugouts no shelter Thursday July 15th Carried Alf Josephs to Clearing Hospital Shell burst on beach Officers two legs off Privates foot Friday July 16th Arrival of our Nursing staff Monday July 19th On Guard stores 6 till 10 issued with respirator & Helmet precautions against Gas Wednesday July 21 Visited trenches saw Watson Pitts, Both went along listening sat 30 yds from Turkish trench Naval 47 in position Tasmanian post feeling unwell in evening [Page 19]