William Fenwick Roscoe First World War - Diary 31 Oct 1914 - 24 Jan 1914

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Sunday Aug 8 Steamed out of Imbross round the island buried 14 men at sea Transferred to SS Tunisian. had tea with cooks who were two young fellows from Australia Monday Aug 9 Entered Mudross 8 30 am Groans & cries of Wounded lying about on deck awful buried 2 men Saw [...] assisted as Orderley & attended to mens wants. Tuesday Aug 10 Made Orderley for Wounded Officers Left for Alexandria. Not sufficent staff to attend to men even stokers were voluntarily assisting Wednesday Aug 11 Attended Officers, Treatment of Men in comparison to Officers is a disgrace to any Christian Nation. Officers slightly wounded waited on hand & foot, men badly injured & suffering lying on deck [Page 22]