William Fenwick Roscoe First World War - Diary 31 Oct 1914 - 24 Jan 1914

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without even having a wash every Nurse & Medical officer on board working night & day but not enough 4 Doctors 1000 wounded Met with some real Molly Coddle English officers they're not soldiers bootlaces Thursday Aug 12 Arrived Alexandria 8.30 am Hospital Train waiting alongside nicely fitted up Entrained at 2 pm. We given Lemon water to drink cigarettes, bread & butter, Reached Cairo 7 pm we given cup of Tea on station then driven in Motor Car to Gizerah Palace Hospital which is a beautiful place & was lately used as Sultans Palace & is now No 2 Australian General Hospital Hot, Cold bath everything very nice. Nurses & Doctors are especially fine people Saturday Aug 14 Supplied with Lemonade, & Red Cross box containing paper envelopes Tooth Paste Brush Cigarettes, Chocolate, pencil & a card [Page 23]