William Fenwick Roscoe First World War - Diary 31 Oct 1914 - 24 Jan 1914

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Friday Aug 20 Man who groans carried out dead. Hornage not home yet. Motor drive to Maadi in evening. Cab to Skating Rink. Cab from skating Rink to Cairo supper Cab Home arrive Home. Dress Pyjama Suit White Hat. Saturday Aug 21 Left Gizerah 1.30 Walk Cairo Pay Office. Tea Soldiers Cafe. Skating Rink. Met Forbes Concert YMCA Esbekerh Gardens Sgt Moore sings Parted, Rose of my Heart Trumpeter Home 9.30 pm Sunday Aug 22 Visited Cairo 6 pm. Esbekerh Garden. Band Drinks, Flag Cafe Goldie & cigarettes Cab Home 10 pm Talk 12 pm. Monday Aug. 23 Left Ghezerah 2 pm arrive Mera House 3 30 pm Caught Tram for Ghezerah in pyjamas [Page 26]