William Fenwick Roscoe First World War - Diary 31 Oct 1914 - 24 Jan 1914

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Tuesday Aug 24th Caught Car 8 30 from Mena. Visit pay office with Johnston no luck, walk round. Tea Goldie's walked three parts of way to Ghezerah. Cab Backsheesh Tom Hornadge out again. left note for him to visit us Wednesday Aug 25 Visit Cairo with Tom Hornadge 5.15 Arrive Cairo 6 10 met Chip Adams also - Sgt, Tea Goldie's, Wrestle, visit Soldiers Home, Tram 9 pm Home 10 pm Thursday Aug 26 Tom Hornadge arrives at Mena. Concert by YMCA orchestra in afternoon. Leave for Cairo at 5.30 arrive 6.30. Tea Soldiers Home. walk round streets. Arrive Home 10 pm Saturday Aug 28 (Birthday) left Mena 2.30. Arrive Cairo 3.30 Met Johnson. Walk Tea Soldiers Home Concert Army pay Corps. YMCA [Page 27]