WWI diary of Major T. A. Kidd (10th Light Horse) 4 August 1916 to 28 August 1916

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[Page 135] 18 Tues. 22nd Aug 1916 Still in isolation tent. My apparel has been burned. Unable to correspond as nothing is permitted to go out of isolation area. We are about 4 1/2 miles south of of MAHAMDIYA GERCHA which is situated on the sea beach (TIWA BAY - MEDITTERANEAN [sic] My tent door opens north & although my view is restricted to a sand ridge I receive the benefit of an almost continuous sea breeze. Frank called @ 0630. Hear Palmer ALG is seriously ill. Frank is enroute to Regt HQ @ Fatir (FATIR) States Major Olden has left the Regiment. Capt Timperley assumes command of 'A' Squadron vice Major Olden. My mail went thro to FATIR Frank will now[?] have it sent back. Tpr Moulton (Cpt Timperley's orderly) died on Monday (21st) of Cholera in 1LH F. Amb. Cpl Pearce is recovering satisfactorily from Cholera.