WWI diary of Major T. A. Kidd (10th Light Horse) 4 August 1916 to 28 August 1916

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[Page 138] DIARY SUNDAY 6-8 16 8th LH in possession of BIR el HAMISAH (4C KATIA) where they gained 1 prisoner & 2 Machine guns. Horse feed short. German complains that Turks do not desire to fight. Move off as advance guard @ 1500 pass North of BIR el HAMISH proceeding a few degrees north of East we arrive without opposition @ HOD abu DAREM (7 miles from BIR NAGID - wells of very good water DAREM (palm groves) On arrival find evidences of hastily abandoned camp Lately occupied by Germans - Wine Beer & Whisky bottles lying about in profusion Fruit cans in plenty. Ammunition buried & dug out a quantity of bullets