WWI diary of Major T. A. Kidd (10th Light Horse) 4 August 1916 to 28 August 1916

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[Page 142] DIARY Tuesday Aug. 29th 1916 Cont. It is very striking the number of personnel of Units raised in Great Britain who desire knowledge of Australia in regard to future immigration. Information with regard [last two words crossed out] in connection with facilities and opportunities open upon arrival in Australia is eagerly sought after - News received that Roumania has thrown in her lot with the ALLIES Neutral [word crossed out] Negative result from specimen excreta submitted for analysis - Another (second) specimen to be submitted on Sept 1st Wednesday Aug. 30th 1916 Official - Roumania declared war against Austria. Germany declared war against Roumania Italy declared war against Germany - - Roumania already attacking Austria. British troops take Thiepval by storm {THEIPVAL [sic] (France) a strong German post threatening our left flank in the push}