WWI diary of Major T. A. Kidd (10th Light Horse) 4 August 1916 to 28 August 1916

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[Page 145] DIARY Sunday Sept. 3rd 1916 Abu Hamra - Isolation tent New Aeroplanes (friendly) appeared in the air [last four words crossed out] flew overhead this morning. They appeared to move with great rapidity evidently our people are looking up to the necessity for aerial superiority. Enemy plane appeared but promptly returned to his own base. Have received no letters or mail since Aug 1st - Understand my mail was readdressed care Hospital ROMANI Have not been successful in tracing it - Enemy plane dropped bomb on H.L.1 bivouac killed one injured two, all officers. Monday Sept. 4th 1916 Abu Hamra. Isolation tent. Negative result from last specimen excreta submitted