WWI diary of Major T. A. Kidd (10th Light Horse) 4 August 1916 to 28 August 1916

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[Page 147] Tuesday Septr. 5th 1915 Abu Hamra - 1st Lowland Field Amb. Isolation Camp (Kilo 47. KANTARA - Bir el ABD RAILWAY. - ) All combatant troops (garrison) stores etc having left here the place is occupied by the hospital units only, displaying the usual red cross. There are no troops within 2 miles of Kilo 47. Yet hovering enemy aircraft persist in bombing the hospital almost daily. Owing to good luck & bad marksmanship however our casualties so far have only amounted to 2 natives killed. Our anti air-craft guns at OGHRATINA and ROMANOI apparently are only successful in dropping shell cases & shrapnel pellets in and about the precincts of the hospital. The danger from these latter are far more obvious than that of the dropping bombs