Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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[2 words illeg] they had made some [4/5 words illeg] grants. Staples planting out. Some fresh fish [3 words illeg] Mr. Andrew Price [...] back to a little [fish?] Wednesday 28 [?/7] 69/7 S.W. Thatching Mr. Bussell herding the Cattle. Thursday 29 64/7 68/7 S.W. S. Strong Breezes - Thatching - Staples herding Cattle Friday 30 63/7 [...] S.E. Strong breezes. Arrived the Ellen Col. Schooner with His [...] my own cattle & Mr B. Cocos?] absent - they all returned at night. Saturday 31 65/7 [...] Accomp'd the Gov. to the source of the Spring. Sunday 1 [75/?] Embarked on board the Ellen Schooner with [...] on board [...] Lewis ran afoul of some rocks & nearly overturned the boat. The 23rd February [Wilkinson?] the Clergyman was thrown out by the violence of the shock he escaped with no further injury than a wetting 7th Feby After a tedious voyage of six days we arrived at the Sound - having been upwards of [five?] in coming from Cape Chatham hither Sunday [...] Attended divine Service - Monday [...] Arrived in the Sound the Eagle schooner [2 words illeg] landed, having stock on board [4? words illeg] at the Sound put to Sea again [? words illeg] some few [...] in the [rest of paragraph illeg] [Page 1]