Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Feby Some good Land in small quantity Govt paid cheque. Wednesday 11 Mr Rowe & sundry other persons made an excursion to Morylup -. Thursday 12, Friday 13, Saturday 14 - purchased a cart from the Governor - some few articles from Mr [...] saw the former put together - to ascertain its being complete in [...]. Sunday 15 Attended Divine Service four young Children were baptized. Monday 16 This Evening the Party from Morylup returned They could not find water in the vicinity of the place in sufficient quantity to maintain stock, altho they have no doubt it may be discovered in a further search. Tuesday 17 Mr Mackie presided at the Civil Court held this day, the only case[?] tried was one Chezac v- Spencer for shooting a pony - verdict in favor of the defendant. Wednesday 18 Purchased some stores from Mr Smith a Settler newly arrived for which I am to return [...] Thursday 19 Embarked on board the Ellen after taking leave of my friends at the Sound boat out of Harbour and anchored in the Sound off Seal Island. Friday 20 At Anchor - landed near bald head & walked to peak Head Mr Rowe employed surveying embarked in the afternoon. Saturday 21 Sailed at Day break this morning with a fair wind which freshened up so as to render it unadvisable to go into Nornalup which was the intention of his Excellency. Sunday 22 Early this morning it was announced that Cape Lewin was in sight - the Vessel was ordered to be directed for Augusta, but finding the [Page 2]