Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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wind had so far changed as to make it a [...], she continued her course for the Vasse The wind fell off and towards noon it was nearly calm. The Evening was more favorable - we had no Divine Service this day Mr Witenoom particularly unwell. Monday 23. In the Early part of the day we had a very distinct view of the shores to the southward of Cape Naturaliste in the afternoon we weathered the Cape and stood under easy sail along the S.W. shore of the bay Mr Rowe employed surveying. The Governor was of opinion that many points were favorable as a [Summer?] anchorage in which Mr Rowe concurred. We stood along the beach about [...] for about 12 miles & near dusk we perceived the beacon which had been placed by the Messrs Bussells. Tried two Guns - and afterwards a third which brought the Bussells to the beach They came on board & slept, on the following morning we all disembarked & walked up to the Vasse embouchure. Made a party and walked over a portion of my grant found the prevailing land very inferior some good portions on the River banks but not of much depth. Went on board the Ellen in the Afternoon & remained during the night as H. Ex'y had directed a further survey of the Anchorage to be made under sail all[?]. Wednesday 25 Night in the morning in about 5 fathoms of water several large snappers were caught by Mr Toby & Mr Lewis We had some fried for breakfast after discussing which the [...] party landed, having taken leave of The Governor Thursday 26 Messrs Bussells , I. & V. & self accompanied Messers Rowe and Bland for 3/4 of an hour The [Page 3]