Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Wednesday 25 we continued [previous word crossed out] recommenced our journey passing through a spearwood & Birbrush swamp which to clear more promptly we took a southerly direction, its outer skirts were still on fire in detached places and part of the ground we walked over had been but a few hours before the scene of a considerable conflagration which doubtless must have been observed on board the Ellen in this [...] we passed over half a mile of ground & debouched on to a plain changed our course to S.E & for one mile we passed over some good land at the end of which we were gratified by finding ourselves on the banks of an apparently large River its width being at this point about 33 yards wide its banks very steep (12 to 20 feet) and with a considerable depth of water - numerous flocks of wild Duck were floating in tame tranquility on its bosom hardly noticing our approach and [previous word crossed out] nor were they disturbed by it. they found a two fold security in the depth of the River and the absence of small shot - Mr I. Bussell being our only Musqueteer with a small store of ball cartridges - we named this River the Lenox - We sought a passage to cross along its rich & Loamy banks & in so doing found it to wind to the South & the West - we at last came to a Native bridge on which we crossed over and at 10 minutes past six we halted nearly opposite the point at which we first made it, where we Thusday 26 bivouacked for the night - at 6.10 on the following morning we resumed our walk to the Vasse taking a course east for one hour over tolerable good soil at 7.40 came to a swamp [Page 4]