Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Feby - March found a pool of water rather brackish, halted until 8.30. Continued our course East until 9.40 the Land [2 words illeg] inferior - we saw in the last hour the new River on our left and as the distance was not more than 4 or 500 yards we went to it tasted the water which was rather brackish We now took a South course until 10.10 then East until 11: the Land of bad quality entered on the Clay plains and arrived at the Bussells at 11.45 on the Vasse. Friday 27 Crossed the River at the native bridge above Mr Bs and inspected several parts of my grant. returned to dinner & made preparation for my departure tomorrow morning. Saturday 28 Having obtained a Horse from Mr Bussell I left the Vasse at 20 minutes after six oClock. arrived at the rapids after 4½ hours. Actual marching exclusive of halts - finding the day going we proceeded to the high [...] about 7 miles on the road we met Messrs C. & L. Bussell with their Cattle - halted Sunday 1 March for the night at the Cavallo spring [previous word crossed out] broom Swamp The horse made his escape during the night I dispatched two of the party back to the Rapids in the hope, vain indeed of finding him there & sent another forward to Augusta for my own pony - on the return of the party from the Rapids Mr Chapman accompanied me to the River called by his name we arrived there about 5 o'Clock having started at ½ pt. 12 o'Clock Monday 2nd March At ½ pt 5 we packed up & moved off found water at a Swamp near the Govn Bivouac & again at about 3 miles further advanced - about [Page 5]