Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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April O. Full moon 12th April C. last Qr 19th O. New moon 27th 9th 20th Friday 3rd 60/6 55/12 NW to S.W Moderate Cloudy - although some [...] Saturday 4th 60/0 NW. H & D Mr Hurford Empd at barn. Dawson assisting from 10 oClock Oxen worked at Turnwood 30 & 31 (4 oxen) 1, 2, 3, 4 (1 pair oxen) Sunday 5th 60/6 66/12 N.W Lead Divine Service. Christened a Child belonging to Pama Mould. 1 qr. Monday 6th 58/6 75/12 S.E H & D Dawson Empd from 8 oClock this day to Evening Mr Hurford Employed at laying the floor boards of the barn. Tuesday 7th 60/6 S.E. H Mr Hurford Empd at the Barn Mrs Dawson gave birth to a little girl Wednesday 8th 68/9 73/12 70/6 NW. S.W. H & D Warm Clear Wr Mr Hurford & Dawson Empd at the building. purchased Mr Kellams truck[?] for six pounds. put the Turkeys under Mrs [...] charge Thursday 9th 70/6 79/12 73/6 West. Mr. Kellam sorted some potatoes for himself. The oxen returned from Turnwood. The Bussells went to the Adelphi Friday 10th 70/6 66/6 South S.W. H & D Cloudy Wr some small rain - Dawson & Mr Hurford employed at barn floor. Saturday 11 60/6 63/6 S.E Strong breezes. Sunday 12th 66/6 NW. Moderate & Clear. Full Moon 12.16 performed Divine Service. [...] Monday 13th 68/6 NW. Cloudy Wr [...] my servant came to me this Morning to be allowed to join a party going to the Swan, on objecting to it, he said he was determined & would not do another stroke of work. on warning him of the consequences he said he wd go through with it even to the drop - Wh in P.D.L signifies the Gallows. Dawson whole day Mr. Hurford H & D [Page 10]