Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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April Tuesday 14th 62/7 69/5 South H & D. Dawson & Mr. Hurford Empd at Building (Dawson whole day) Some rain fell during the night - Wednesday 15 65/9 69/. NW H & D Dawson comnd the whole day Mr Hurford at work some rain fell in the Course of the day. Thursday 16 65/7 W. H & D Dawson whole day. Mr. Hurford at Building some heavy Showers during the night Friday 17 66/7 W. performed Divine Service Saturday 18th 62/7 65/6 W. Mr. Turner acquainted me with his intention to go to Swan River appointed to meet Staples about 5 or 6 oClock to settle with him as he one of Mr. Turners party - issued bill in favor of Staples for £30.9.0. Sunday 19th 64/6 South Clark [...] 4. 13. Cloudy Wr with small rain wrote several Letters to go by Mr. Turner Monday 20th 64/8 S.E. Mr Turner and two or three other persons left the Settlement for the Swan. Mr Hurford & Dawson [passage from Mr to Dawson crossed out] Tuesday 21 64/6 South D & H Dawson & Mr Hurford at work at the new building Some small rain during the night. Dug up some potatoes - Wednesday 22 S.W. Cloudy Wr. Took up some Indian Corn Mr Hurford [...] Boat up the River. Thursday 23. 64/7 68/6 West. Oxen went up to Mr Hurfords grant. Friday 24 64/7 S.W. -- Saturday 25 64/7 Westerly- cleared the new building in preparation for Thrashing next week. Sunday 26th 60/7 64/1 performed Divine Service Christened Dawson's child. Monday 27. 58/7 S.E. H & D O New moon [...] 2 oClock. Dawson at work at Thrashing - Mr Hurford Empd in closing the floor for that purpose 2½ hours [Page 11]