Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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May 35 Thursday 7 64/7 D. V. 5 May #3. 43' O Full 12th May - #20. 13' - ( last Qr. Wesly Some rain fell Friday 8th 64/7 Cloudy Wr, called on Mrs Heppingstone. Saturday 9th 64/7 West. Cloudy with some rain Sunday 10th 60/7 performed Divine Service - Cold & cloudy Wr. Monday 11th 61/7 NW. Cloudy. The oxen came home this evening after being at Mr Hurfords since the 23rd April - O Full Moon O - 20th.13. Tuesday 12th Bobt Heppingstone with the oxen Wednesday 13 Dawson at plough - 9 to ½ pt 2 bob H with the oxen remainder of the day Thursday 14 NW Plow town grant Dawson at work Bobby to Cattle Mr. V Bussell called Friday 15. NW West Finished Town grant Dawson Empd until ½ pt 2 or 3 some rain turned the Cattle up the River they returned in the Evening Saturday 16. NW. Slight showers Sunday 17. NW. a small Vessel arrived from Swan River Monday 18 NW. some heavy showers - Dawson Empd from 8 until 2 oClock Harrowing Town grant Mr Hurford adjusted the floor of the new building. [2 word illeg] 44 lbs potatoes. Some heavy rains. Tuesday 19th 66/7 NW. (( last quarter Strong gales much heavy rain in the early part of the day [Page 13]