Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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May 35 18th 15th 38. O new moon 26° 18# 32'. Perigee 11° 21 Apogee 25°. 5#. [...] Wednesday 20 NW. Moderate Wr. - commenced ploughing the Killiter Thursday 21 North Ploughing the Killiter - Received some Stores and paid for the same to Mr Cap on a/c of Mr. Scott. exchanged some potatoes for tea. Friday 22 N to NW Dawson Thrashing. 37 lbs Wheat to Andrew Smith Dawson left off at Breakft. home Saturday 23 N. NW Dawson worked from 8 oClock until ½ pt 4 Thrashing very stormy much rain at intervals with Thunder and Lightning Sunday 24. NW. performed Divine Service Monday 25. S.W & W. Moderate Wr. Ploughing the Killiter Tuesday 26 S.W & W. Dawson ½ pt. 6 at work - 33lbs Pork - Mrs Heppingstones family 54½ Pork. - Mr Green ploughing on the Killiter - The Weather Moderate - Wednesday 27th NW. Dawson employed Thrashing. 29lb Pork Andrew Smith. Ploughing the Killiter ½ pt 5 oClock. Thursday 28 NW. Dawson at 7 oClock - flail destroyed by the [...] empd until 11 oClock sifting & Ploughing Killiter 24 Harrow tines to Mr. Bussell. Mr. Geo. Turner called my servants to turn the oxen from his fathers Garden - At abt 11 oClock they discussed the propriety of such an conscionable[?] disturbance & declined interfering with horned Cattle at that late hour as [...] I infer did not wish to encounter the the Civil Court in any other way than that of renumerating the suffering party for their Copious [?]igence - My [...] servant declares he will incite[?] Mr Geo. T. [...] Civil in his [...] should he [...] to him particularly [Page 14]