Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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May Friday 29 NW. Ploughed the Killiter One Bushel of Wheat to Mr Chapman for which he paid 2[...] lb to Dawson making up to him with his former [...] of 42lb [2-3 words illeg] 40 lbs potatoes to the Messrs Bussell - Mr. Herring spoke to me this evening abt ½ pst 6 oClock to supply him with the requisite form for two persons to obtain Grants (Town) at the Vasse Mr Hurford the other party. Saturday 30 S.W. Ploughing on the Killiter - Dawson at work Sunday 31 45/7 SW to SE performed Divine Service Monday June 1 41/7 Dawson at work 6½ Tuesday 2 S.W Dawson at work 6.10 Wednesday 3 NW. Dawson at work 6.35 Thursday 4 NW. Dawson worked finished Thrashing & Sifting abt half a day Friday 5 NW to West wrote sundry Letters drew sundry bills and paid Mr Curtis his account - much rain fell during the night Mud up various trails Saturday 6 The Fanny still here - sought for the Cattle & found them near the Creek[?]. Sunday 7 NW. performed Divine Service Monday 8 NW ploughed Killiter Tuesday 9 Do. finished ploughing Wednesday 10 NW Killed a pig. [...] 28. Bussell repaid 10 Servants[?] Mr. Turner 6½ [...] Thursday 11. Friday 12 East Saturday 13 East [...]Coffee Mrs. Heppingstone pd 12 [...] Andrew Smith Staples [...] Town grant [Page 15]