Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Sunday 14 NW performed Divine Service. Monday 15 SW. Ploughed Town grant [last 2 words crossed out] Tuesday 16 Wednesday 17 SE CC last Qr 17D. 12#. 6'. Oxen to Mr. Hurford one pair Ploughed Town Grant. Thursday 18. SE B H. At Town Grant - Bobby Hep. two hours looking after oxen. party from the Vasse Mr. A. Bussell. Mr. Hurford one pair - Bull not retd. [...] only to have worked until 2 oClock Friday 19 S.E. B H. ploughed T.G. Bobby after oxen from ½ 2 to ½ 4 Saturday 20. NW. Oxen to Mr. Hurford One pair Sunday 21. Mr. Alfred Bussell called on me this morning previous to his going to the Vasse. I saw him pass the window and conversed with him from my room as I was then dusting[?]; his object was to state that he had this day attained his Majority. I observed to him that under such circumstances he ought not to travel on a Sunday - he replied neither would I if it were not in the winter - performed Divine Service - Bobby Heppy- took charge of the oxen from ½ 12 until ½ pt 4 - some slight rain this evening - Monday 22. S.W. B H. Harrowed & Sowed the Town Grant. Bobby looking after the Cattle from 2 to 20 min after four oClock Mr. McKellam sowed. Tuesday 23rd. NW B H. Mr Kellam ran a few furrows on the Town grant to drain it. Bobby with oxen from 11 to 4.20 Mr. Hurford returned Yoke bows & Chain Wednesday 24th : NW B H. finished Harrowing the Killiter - Bob - took Cattle at one oClock And Mr. Hurford [...] Chain. [O new moon 10 oClock this night [Page 16]