Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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June O new moon 24. 10 - Thursday 25. NW B.H Completed Harrowing the Killiter - Much Rain during the night Cattle[?] taken up 1 Friday 26 NW. B.H from 9. with Cattle Andrew Smith at work for me at the [Cart?] 32¾ lb [2? words illeg - wheat to him?]. Saturday 27 West 22 AS - at work. 14 lbs Rice to him - much rain during the night - a shirt to A. Smith Cash to the amount of ten shillings - Cattle up the River saw the Bull & Heifer on my grant. Sunday 28. NW 55/8 performed Divine Service some heavy showers of rain during the day. Monday 29th S.W. Weather more moderate - some heavy showers this morning Tuesday 30th South sought the Cattle up River & brought them home. Wr. more moderate. Wednesday 1 July Drew away timber at the Head of the Killiter. S. West. Corner rearranged pig Stye Thursday 2nd 52/8 1 Qr. 2#. 19 unprofitably employed - sought the Cattle, found the Bull. The others at home on my arrival. Some words occurred between Staples & Dick reproved the latter for his Violent Conduct & Sullen temper - if I had witnessed it should have punished him. Friday 3. 51/7 East E to E of S. Fine Clear Wr - Impd the Bar at driving away the fencing - 64 lbs of wheat to Dawson Mr Charles Bussell returned from the Vasse Saturday 4th 100/7 East Some frost during the night. Sunday 5th 51/7 S.E. performed Divine Service [Page 17]