Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Monday 6th July S.W. 1 Bushel of wheat to McKillam. Tuesday 7th Employed at the Cow shed Wednesday 8th Drawing wood. Thursday 9 NW Drawing wood, a pair of oxen to Mr Hurford the Key to [...] plate lost & the pin broken Bobby Heppingstone alone with the oxen from one oClock to ½ pt 4 Friday 10th NW planted some 200 potatoes near the Piggery Staples stole some & applied them to his own sating I cannot say what quantity had sufficiently large to attract my notice and to lead me to investigate the matter I found the peelings of several in the Barrel used for the pigs meat - so much for my gardeners integrity - carried wood with the oxen Bobby attending them from 2 oClock until 4½ oClock - some rain Saturday 11th NW. Bobby with the oxen from 9 until ¾ pt. 4 some rain during the night Sunday 12 NW. performed Divine Service Bobby tending oxen from 12 to 4½ oClock Monday. 13. NW. Andrew Smith [...] me at Turners forge Bobby with the oxen from 9 oClock to ½ pt 4 - 1 pair of oxen employed for Mr. Hurford. some rain during the day Tuesday 14th NW to West Heavy showers during the night & this morning. Bobby with the oxen from 9 until 4½ oClock Meat Acct to Chas Bussell £2.2.0. Wednesday 15 NW Andrew Smith Empd at Forge Bobby with the oxen from 9 oClock until near 5. much rain [Page 18]