Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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July Thursday 16 NW much rain during the night Bobby with oxen from 8½ until near 5 oClock A. S at the Forge Friday 17 C last Qr abt One oClock this morning I was awakened & heard a most violent Rain accompanied by loud & repeated flashes of Lightning which was succeeded by Loud & repeated Claps of Thunder - at first rolling in peals at a distance & approaching with awful grandeur until it appeared to burst immediately over the house the . Saturday 18 SW. Bobby with oxen 8¼ to 4¾ -- Sunday 19. Lead divine Service read a Sermon from 26 Acts 28 Verse = whirefield Bobby with the oxen from one to 5 oClock Monday 20. S.E. Carrying Manure to Killiter Bobby with oxen from 2 to 5 oClock. Tuesday 21 NW. Do. Bobby from 2 to 5 oClock. Ludlow from the Vasse. - A pair of oxen to Mr Hurford - Wednesday 22 S.E. Drawing manure until 2 oClock. Bobby from 9 until 5 oClock. Staples work remarkably deficient Thursday 23. S.E. Bobby the whole day employed, after nine oClock. Friday 24 S.E. Some frost during the night - Bobby with the oxen from [Page 19]