Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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July one oClock until 5 - Mr. Kellam empd ploughing the Killilter then mending the harness - The Cow absented herself. Saturday 25. ● New -- Bobby all the day from 9 - Mr Kellam ploughed. sought for the Cow. apprehend her to have Calved in the bush - Sunday 26 The Cow made her appearance this morning on the Killiter she came down to the other Cattle & seemed unwilling to leave them Staples was of opinion she had calved - Drove her away in the direction she had come by Staples who found her Calf brought it home - Baby by some accident swallowed some Copper Caps - as it eventually turned out - for we were unable to account for her being so frequently & violently attacked with ejecting the contents of her stomach until we discovered two of the Caps - this was after eleven oClock at night. Mr Green gave her some medicine she appeared lively & cheerful as usual in the morning & when we had concluded that the extent of her accidental inhibition had been discharged, she produced five others. Divine Service was performed as usual. Monday 27. Mr. Kellam ploughing - Bobby with the Cattle until 5 oClock from 2 - Tuesday 28. Mr Kellam at Plough - Bobby with Cattle 2 to 5 oClock Wednesday 29. Prepared to sow. Open a cask of Rice. Bobby all the day 9 to 5 sowed [...] the Killiter Thursday 30. NW. Shea/9} Bobby with Cattle from 8 until 5 oClock [...] 9 to Shea 42 Wheat [...] to Dawson Staples planted Cabbages at Killiter. Friday 31. S.W. Bobby to oxen at 8 and continued in employ until 5 oClock Calm. Mr Killam [...] the plough on the Killiter - Mary the Babe walked about, alone [Page 20]