Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Saturday 1 August} moon 1st Qr NW Planted some Red Potatoes W. side of the house Bobby with the oxen all day from ½ pt 7 oClock Sunday 2nd NW Performed Divine Service. Bobby with the oxen from 12.25 until 5.15 Some rain during the day. Monday 3 NW to W Andw Smith came to work. Bobby with oxen from 7. until 5½ oClock much rain during the night - Dawson reported having been employed for me cutting rails & ports. Staples forming Celery beds. Dawson cutting Post rails. Tuesday 4th Westy Andw Smith empd - Bobby with the oxen from 7 oClock pd Sergt Guerin balance of his acct £1.3.1. Gave Staples notice to leave on Friday next, in consequence of his behaving insolently to his mistress in the first instance, altho he denied it to me, but having afterwards repeated it in a boasting manner in my hearing I finally determined to dismiss him. Wednesday 5th Augt Some showers during the night. Andw Smith at work. Cattle turned out at 7 oClock. Dawson was not at work for me to day. Thursday 6. Andw Smith at work. Small boat to Mr. Hurford Bobby from 7 oClock Friday 7th NW Andw Smith at work at the Forge Bobby from 7 Staples wrote an apology & I have looked over his offence. Saturday 8th Westy O full Andw Smith at work Bobby from 7 to 5 Sunday 9th NW some rain during the night Bobby with the oxen from 12½ till 5 oClock [Page 21]