Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Monday 10 NW. Strong gales - with rain at intervals - oxen employed Drawing Spars for fencing Dawson at work. Tuesday 11 SW. Moderate Wn with occasional Showers - oxen drawing spars Dawson at work. 1 Bushel Wheat to Mr. I. Kellam 1 Do to the widow Heppingstone on Acct of some advanced to Dawson (during old Bob's life) to be returned in kind & charged to Dawson Wednesday 12 frequent Showers during the night - Calm - Dawson at work. Mr. Turners Cow with the oxen. Thursday 13 NW. West Rain Thunder Lightning - Squally Wn - commenced The Removal of the American fence. Staples sowed some Onions west of Garden upper part. 25 lbs Wheat net to Dawson Friday 14 Bobby with oxen. washed some corn - drew away the Amern Fence Saturday 15 C last Rain this morning, Mr. Bussell left for the Vasse after his departure received a letter from him - Staples was injured by the Bull running at him - Mr Green was not to be found-- Sunday 16 Performed Divine Service - Bobby with the oxen from 12½ oClock until 4½. Mr Green called on Staples at night Monday 17 Dawson at work. Oxen with Bobby. 8 oClock -- Tuesday 18 SW. Dawson at work. Bobby with the oxen. paid [?]shaw ten shillings being my proportion of a Goat house at the Spring Wednesday 19 H - Oxen with Bobby morning until 5 oClock - Dawson at work. Mr. Hurford Do. from 9 oClock. Sent a notice to Mr Bussell to fence between our Greens. Thursday 20 NW. West. Strong Gales with occasional showers. Bobby with the oxen from 8 until 5 oClock. [Page 22]