Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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August Friday 21st NW. Strong Gales with occasional Heavy showers Bobby with the oxen (8 till 5) Saturday 22 NW. Squally Wn with rain at intervals. ¼ bushel wheat to Srgt Guerin wh. was pd for. Sunday 23 West. NW. moon New Strong Gales & Squally with rain - read Service as usual Bobby with oxen from 3 until 5 oClock. Monday 24. NW. Strong Gales & Violent Squalls of wind accompanied with rain. 1 Bushel Wheat to Dawson 68 to Mr. Hurford & 21 to Layman Bobby with the oxen from 8 oClock until 5. Ludlow brought a [...] Dog wh. was killed by Layman. Tuesday 25 West. Violent Gales of wind Squally at times with heavy rain - Several trees blown down in the garden - large limbs of others broken off - employed sawing up & clearing off the debris. Oxen out at 8 oClock with Bobby. Wednesday 26 West. H & D More moderate but Squally. Mr. Hurford & Dawson at the post & fence. Oxen at 8 with bobby until 5 oClock. Sent to Mr Bussell by Mr. Hurford to witness the Line offence & to state any objection to it. Thursday 27 South. Bobby with the oxen (8 till 5.) Friday 28th Oxen at work for Mrs. Heppingstone. Winnowed some wheat & cleaned the same. Saturday 29. H & D Winnowed some wheat. Dawson & Hurford at work. Oxen some time with Bobby at work for his Mother. [Page 23]