Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Sunday 30th NW. Moderate Wr. - Morning Cloudy with Fresh breezes. Oxen let out at 9½ to 5. performed Divine Service. Monday 31st S. Squally Wr. but not violent. Dawson at work. Mr Hurford after breakfast oxen to Mrs. Heppingstone [last three words crossed out] Bobby all day Tuesday Septr. 1 West & SW. Mild Wr. cloudy with Light showers rain. Oxen to Mrs. Heppingstone. Bobby ½ day - ½ Bushel wheat to Mr Chapman residue of Bushel to Mrs Layman. Wednesday 2nd West. Oxen one for Mrs Heppingstone - Bobby ½ a day. Bull cantankerous with Dick in the morning who subdued him - he tried Bob in the afternoon & slightly injured him. Thursday 3rd. Andw Smith to put a chain to the Bull - planted some potatoes. W. side of town Killiter Friday 4th Bobby with oxen 2 hours morning hours afternoon. Andw Smith ½ Bushel wheat. Saturday 5. NW Dawson & Mr. Hurford at work. Bobby ½ a day. ½ Bushel wheat Mrs Heppingstone on Dawsons Acct. Sunday 6 West. moon full Some rain during the night with gusts of wind Cloudy Wr. Performed Divine Service. Monday 7 55/7 Moderate & Cloudy Wr. with small rain occasionally ½ Bushel wheat to Mr. J Kellam - Messrs. A. & John Bussell arrived from the Vasse - Bobby with the oxen this day. presented Mr Layman with three Bottles of Spirits on his Childs Christening on his [?]catation that there was no beverage to be procured in the Settlement to celebrate the event - Mr. Turners oxen with mine [Page 24]