Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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September Tuesday 8th 55/7 Some heavy showers. Christened Laymans Child. A pair of oxen to Mrs Heppingstone. ½ day Bobby. Wednesday 9th South 53/7 Moderate & Cloudy - a pair of oxen to Mrs Heppingstone planted some potatoes (on Killiter NW. end.) Bobby ½ a day Thursday 10 SW. 55/7 Drew sea weed - planting potatoes - Bobby ½ a day Wr. fine. Friday 11 SW. 61/7 Fine Wr. a Vessel reported in the Bay Andw Smith at work a short time for me. Received Eight Casks of flour 1 Box of fruits - 1 Raisins - & 2 Qt. Chests of Tea from the Fanny Cutter. Saturday 12th NW. Fresh breezes. Employed writing. Bobby 3/4 day with oxen. Stores landed by my boat - no officer to receive them - sent the Sergt to Mr. Bussell yesterday Sunday 13 NW. West. Strong Gales and Squally with much Thunder & Lightening - rain in Torrents. Performed Divine Service. Bobby 3/4 day. Monday 14. West. Squally Wr. delivered Messrs Bussells their Acct. Bobby ½ day with the oxen Tuesday 15. NW. Strong breezes. Nada fate - Staples on the wing his box embarked [...] Wednesday 16 NW Rainy & squally Wr. Staples sowed some Cabbage seeds Thursday 17th Embarked this morning on board the Fanny weighed from Augusta & stood out to sea Friday 18th Standing along the Coast the white patch in Sight sallow from Sea Sickness beyond anything I ever experienced from the time I embarked until about 6 oClock this evening Saturday 19 The wind foul rather better in health saw two whales. Land scarcely visible Sunday 20 Wind favorable stood for Cape Naturaliste rounded it - hauled upon a wind - made small progress anchored at night. [Page 25]