Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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1835 Tuesday 8th S.E. Finished taking up Pots W side of the house. Bobby with the oxen. Wednesday 9th 54/6 Bobby with the oxen. Thursday 10th S.E. 75/12 Bobby with the oxen transplanted some Pumpkins Friday 11 Moon last quarter 11". 45'. 9. Bobby with the oxen - Mowed the grass plats. The sealers boat arrived from K. G. S. Saturday 12th S.W. Bobby with the oxen Mr Kellam a Cask of flour 200 lbs for which he paid. Sunday 13th 68/3 performed Divine Service. Bobby with the oxen. Richd Connor absent from 3.30 until 8.50 & disposed to be insolent. The Cows milked at 3/4 past nine oClock .Monday 14 West North 65/7 This Morning the milk of last night found so dirty as to be useless. 3 3/4 pints in quantity. Wm [...] milked the Cows. it appears that both the Cows were obstinate obviously disposed. Wm with the Cattle the Wr Cloudy & threatening. rain gathered in the [...] Clover from the grass plats. Tuesday 15th. NW much rain planted some Cabbages & Cauliflowers Apprenticed Robt Larcom boy to Mr. Hurford Wednesday 16th South & SW. Cloudy Wr. Strong breezes Thursday 17. S.E. South Strong Gales. Friday 18th S.W. Bull not at home all the night Saturday 19. S.E. 76/12 70/9 moon new 2" 14' 9' Light airs. Sultry Weather - Dick impertinent William indolent - resting for nearly two hours. [Page 29]