Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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1835 Tuesday Decr. 29th he left with the intention of embarking in the Fanny for King Georges Sound The Fanny sailed. Wednesday 30. W. S.W. 59/6 Mr. Turners Boat with [...] & G.L.[?] went out to the Island to seal the Corporal empd repairing my boat. Thursday 31. Repairing boat. Evening at Mr. Turners Mr J. Kellam at the house for the Eveng 1836 January 1st S.E. Friday Gov. Notice notifying Mr. Herring to the Postmastership - Mr Turner as Licensed Victualler. Saturday 2nd N. Cloudy Wr. turned Cattle beyond Barrack point Mr Green brought home by Mr Kellam. Comnd Reaping town grant. Sunday 3rd S.W. Some rain fell during the night - performed Divine Service. Monday 4th S.W.. Reaping Town Grant Herring W. Tuesday 5. S.E Henry 8th bottle of Wine. The party arrived from the Vasse. Wednesday 6. S.W. 62/6 Cloudy Wr. Strong breezes with a little rain Mr. Hurford Empd from 9 oClock morng Thursday 7th North Mr Kellam commd mowing the Oats. Bobby Mr. Hurford Empd from 9 oClock until 1½ oClock [...] then to look after the Cattle for one pound per Month. Friday 8. SE Bobby - Empd Saturday 9. West S.W. 76/10 Mild & Clear towards Eveng. The fore part of the day Cloudy [Page 31]