Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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1836 Sunday 10th Performed Divine Service - Bobby not Empd. Monday 11th SW. 62/6 71/6 Strong breezes - Cloudy Wr - Bobby Empd Tuesday 12 S.E. 62/6 72/6 Moderate Wr. Signed Dawson's paper to the 31 Decr. Bobby not Empd - in the evening two guns were heard from a Vessel in the Bay. the Messrs Bussell's lighted a beacon fire supposed to be the Sally Ann. Wednesday 13th S.W. 66/7 70/6 Strong breezes - Bobby took the oxen to the spring only Empd writing. The Master of the Sally Ann reported himself. Thursday 14. SE 62/6 Strong breezes. Mr. Turners boat went forth to bring home his son & Solkild. Bobby took the oxen to the spring. The Pony with Shea. Friday 15 SE. 62/6 Modr Wr. Bobby took the oxen to the spring. Saturday 16 S.E. 70/6 Mod Wr. Boibby to the oxen to the spring Sunday 17 SW Sally Ann sailed Mrs Bussells family departed for the Vasse - performed Divine Service. The Fanny arrived in the Evening with my Cow & Bull. Bobby to spring Monday 18 S.W. Cow & Bull settled with Mr. Curtis gave him a bill for £12. he is to destroy the I.O.U. for £2.12.0 wh. I gave before his departure for the Sound - he has not brought it ashore with him. Bobby with Cat to spring. Mr. Hurford at work 11 to 2½ 3½ hours Tuesday 19 SE. blowing strong The Fanny at anchor in the sound. The Cattle home except Lightfoot, Ginger & Red & White Cow absent. then brought home the oxen on this morning. Mr. Hurford & Henning at work Shucking Corn [Page 32]