Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Thursday 21st Jany 1836 S.E. 62/6 Light showers during the day. The Fanny sailed Bobby to spring Friday 22 W. NW to South 65/6 70/9 Light airs & mild. towards Evening some light showers., Bobby with oxen to spring - had Bobby up. Saturday 23rd S.W. Strong gale. Bobby all the Day. Sunday 24 S.E. Strong gale - performed Divine Service. Monday 25 SE 66/6 78/12 70/7 Strong gales [last 2 words crossed out] Moderate Mr. Kellam had the plough & oxen, the Iron work of the plough broken. Launched my large Boat & brot it over the Sac. The Bull tore the ring from his nose. Tuesday 26 H 65/6 78/12 64/7 H. Cart & pair of oxen to Mrs. Heppingstone Carpenters [...] brot home the Cart the Bull and with the assistance of Messers Kellam, Hurford Herring & Green placed a Clam cramp on him. Wednesday 27. Calm. 60/6 78/12 65/7 Bobby to spring. Wm Employed at the East corner of the Garden clearing. Thursday 28th South. 63.67/7 70/12 65/6 Bobby with oxen. Friday 29 S.E 60/6 Bobby with oxen, pig from Mr. Herring - cash to him £4 - Saturday 30th 60/6 Bobby O.S. 14 lbs [...] Mr. Hurford. Moderate Wr. Sunday 31 S.E. 64/6 73/3 67/6 Bobby O.S. performed Divine Service. Strong breezes. Monday 1st Feby. S.E. 60/6 73/3 H. Bobby O.S. cast the Bull & screwed up the Clam Mr. Hurford & Herring assisted. The party went to the Vasse. Capt. Gill recd £3 on a/c of Mr. Green bill to Mr. Hurford. [Page 33]