Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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1836 Tuesday 2nd Feby S.E. 60/6 73/3 64/6 Arranged my Acct. with Mr. Hurford. Bobby O.S. The oxen not at home - young bull Willington & Duchess. Wednesday 3rd SE. 60/6 74/12 Placed a barbed strap on Baldwin the Calf to wean him Shea brought home the oxen. Willington & Duchess still absent about 10 oClock they were brought home. Bowler proceeding very well. moved mooring of large boat nearer the shore. Thursday 4th S.E. 60/6 70/8 Strong breezes. (Bobby O.S.) The Cattle absent again Friday 5 S.E. 64/6 75/12 70/7 Strong breezes. native fires on the East shore, fired the bush at the point Saturday 6th SE. 65/6 74/12 70/7 fresh breezes (Bobby O.S.) The Filley arrived from the Vasse with Mr. C. Bussell Sunday 7 S.E. 65/6 75/12 773 Mod Wr.. performed Divine Service. Monday 8 SE. 66/6 72/3 70/8 Modr. Bobby OS & two turns to town grant with the oxen [five words illeg.] Tuesday 9th S.E. S.W. 68/6 75/12 73/3 Bobby O.S. morning calm - fresh breezes towards noon & Cloudy. Wednesday 10th S.E. 62/6 62/9 Bobby to the Island with Mr. Kellam, on our arrival found the house & outhouse burnt to the ground apparently of recent occurrence & evidently by design, as this part of the Island & immediately about the house are the only part wh. has been fired brought some spars as far as the point oppt. W. Bay I left them there the wind blowing strong we did not arrive until 9 oClock. Cattle not all [...] home at night. Thursday 11th S.E. 62/7 62/9. Strong breezes. Killed a Pig. agreed to give Mullany £1.10. to look after the Filley & train her. [...] [Page 34]