Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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Feby Tuesday 23 S.E. 60/6 65/2 Bobby O.S {Write to Cheyne [ticked] Dr. Harris [ticked] Lewis [ticked] Governor [ticked] Brown [ticked] Mrs Pace [ticked]} Mr. Turner - large boat. Wednesday 24 N. 62/6 74/12 65/8 Bobby O.S. Lightfoot taken ill bled him - gave him an Enema - & Caster oil Thursday 25 West 64/6 76/12 70/6 Bobby O.S. Lightfoot still indisposed with an obstruction in the bowels - administered salts The Sally Ann sailed. Friday 26 South 70/6 75/12 70/8 Bobby O.S. 2# - all day} Lightfoot not better this morning. administered last night about 3 Dr. Calomel & bled him taking away about two Quarts of blood; some trifling improvement during the day. - admd an Enema about 11 oClock with some effect - no improvement towards evening. adm some aloes & nitre abt 6 oClock Saturday 27 S.E. 65/6 70/8 Bobby from 7 to noon. Lightfoot appears somewhat relieved punctured his skin over the loins which appeared swoln a considerable quantity of air escaped. Made some purchases at Mr. Turners. 3 Tin basins and one piece of print 24/8d. Administered about 1 1/4 pints of Oil to the ox. Sunday 28 Calm. 68/7 70/7 The ox somewhat relieved - suffered him to range at large for an hour or two - performed Divine Service The Military did not attend - perhaps the threatening aspects of the weather prevented them showers in the early part of the day. The Fanny Cutter arrived in the evening. Lightfoot was not so well toward the night Monday 29 64/6 64/8 Bobby at work to day. LIghtfoot rather better administered some salts - walked him to the Spring & back. The Fanny sailed The Cattle not brought home. [Page 36]