Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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1836 March. Tuesday 1st SW 62/6 64/8 Small rain, Lightfoot much the same rather improved in Medicinal operation. Bobby at 7.20 contd until 5.45. small boat brot down some quartering from Mr. Hurford. left the Augusta anchored above No 1 Island. brot down 56 feet Scantling Wednesday 2nd S.E. 64/6 64/8 Bobby all Day. Mr. Hurford from 9 oClock. Killed a pig - 20 Mil 11 C. Bussell Total 31. Mr Turner 6[...]. pressed a Seton through Lightfoots side about 6 in from hip Thursday 3rd SE 64/6 64/6 brot down some quartering from Mr. Hurford. to 26 feet Bobby all the day. Mr. Hurford from 9 oClock. Mrs Guerin gave birth to a female Child. Strong breezes rainy this 24 hours Friday 4th S.E. North 69/7 74/3 Bobby all day Mr. Hurford from 9. The Eagle schooner in the offing Mr. Pratt the owner landed in a whale boat and embarked again before Sun Set having notified the non payment of a bill of Mr. H. Kellams on the Hon. & Revd. Mr. Eden. Much lightning & some distant thunder abt 8 oClock. Sent the Bull Calf, Baldwin up to Turnwood to be weaned. Saturday 5. N.W. 64/6 75/12 75/7 Bobby O.S, Mr. Hurford from 9 oClock Mr. Layman arrived from the Vasse; notified to him on the part of C. Pratt that a bill indorsed by him on the Hon. & Revd Mr. Eden had been returned. Sunday 6th S.W. 62/6 64/7 Cloudy Wr. Bobby O.S. performed Divine Service. Monday 7. SW 64/6 Bobby the day. Mr. Hurford at work. Tuesday 8th 64/6 70/8 Bobby all Day Mr. Hurford at work. Brot down some timber from the Pit. Wr Fine & Moderate [Page 37]