Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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March 1836 took a Westerly course for 4 Miles- the whole distance over very varied soil - changed my direction to N.W. found the Land improving for about 5 Miles - halted on the [...] River. Sunday 20 {NE. 1 Mile N. 1 Mile N.East 1 Mile. North 2} Moved off at 7 oClock did not proceed more than 5 miles - from various causes. such as examining the Soil following the tortuous course of the River shooting Ducks &c. Bivouac on Rich Soil & at the Broadest expanse of the River which abruptly terminated in a dry Bed after leaving its Rushy boundary - endeavoured to trace its course for a short distance Monday 21. Moved at ½ pt. 7 took a [...] path crossing the River course after 1 Mile N saw the High Land about Cape Natl NW. about 3/4 of a Mile farther made the beach - after crossing the Rushy bed of a River course or inlet which ran parrallel with the beach in some places not more than 20 yards distant. after 1½ Mile came to Toby's inlet. forded the parrallel stream & took a SE course for the Lennox. Bivouaced for the night. Tuesday 22. Marched at 6. the Soil tolerably good for abt 1 Mile East 2 Mile, indifft then a patch of good 1/4 farther & dry R. course 1 Mile advance another which we cotager'd[?] for ½ Mile Et. & S.E. about 1 hour previous to arrival took a NE. course found the Sally Anne at the Vasse with Messers Cheyne, Belches, Trimmer, Spencer, &c. Wednesday 23 Vasse settled my Accts with I. Bussell & [...] Thursday 24 [...] I.O.U for £7.10.0 [Page 39]