Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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March Friday 25 Left the Vasse about 7 oClock & Halted for 2 hours at Cavallo Pardito. moved on to the Chapman & halted. Saturday 26 Moved off ½ pt 6. some delay at the head Creek. Sought for C Bussells gun about Glen [...] without success proceeded on & arrived at ½ pt 10 oClock at Augusta Sunday 27 Performed Divine Service. Bobby O.S. Monday 28 S.E. Digging up Potatoes. Bobby O.S. Tuesday 29 S.W. Strong gale. digging up Potatoes. Bobby all day. Wednesday 30. S.E. Strong gale. Bobby ½ a day. Digging potatoes. Thursday 31st S.E. Strong Breezes. (Bobby O.S). April Friday 1st. Modte Wr. Performed divine Service. Saturday 2nd. NW. 54/6 70/8 Moderate (Bobby from 7 to ½ pt 5) Digging potatoes The [...] reported present. Sunday 3rd NW. 68/6 68/1 70/8 Modte. & Cloudy Wr. slight rain at times performed divine Service. Monday 4th N.W. West. 58/6 Heavy rains & Squally. (Bobby O.S) at Potatoes on Killiter & weeding garden. Tuesday 5 West. 62/7 Squally & Cloudy. (Bobby O.S) at Potatoes Wednesday 6. NW. Much wind during the night more moderate towards morning some light showers during the day. [Page 40]