Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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April 1836 Thursday 7th S.E. 56/6 Fresh breezes. at Potatoes - Tomatum Catsup. Friday 8th S.E. North. S.E 51/6 56/7 Clear Wr. (Bobby O.S.) Saturday 9th East. NE. W. 56/6 63/7 Clear Wr. (Bobby OS.) Sunday 10 64/6 Cloudy with showers of rain. Bobby OS Monday 11 S.E. Gale - rain light Bobby all day. Tuesday 12. SE. Strawberry. Gale - Bobby all day Strawberry ceased to give milk. Wednesday 13. S.E. 59/6 bobby all day. Oxen The Cows not tied up Gentle out all night Thursday 14. 59/6 Bobby all day. Oxen Friday 15. 55/6 Bobby the day Oxen Mr. Hurford at work Saturday 16. 50/6½ Bobby oxen the day. Mr Hurford killed a pig for the house. Sunday 17. S.W. 60/7 Bobby oxen the day performed Divine Service Monday 18th SE. Bobby oxen the day. Wr Cloudy Tuesday 19th Bobby. oxen all day. Wednesday 20th NW Bobby oxen Day Shea commenced looking after the Cattle on the old terms from the 19th instant. Thursday 21. Bobby all day. Oxen. about ½ past 11 oClock this forenoon my wife gave birth to a Son - called in Mrs Heppingstone at 11 oClock last night. [Page 41]