Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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April Friday 22nd Bobby ½ the day Saturday 23rd. Bobby O.S. - received some pork from Mrs H. Sunday 24 S.W. Much rain during the night. performed Divine Service The Sally Anne arrived in the Evening - Bobby O.S. Monday 25. S.W. a Gale the Master of the Sally Anne desirous to put to Sea at 2 oClock. arranged my correspondence for that purpose Bobby at work 1/4 8 until 5. Tuesday 26. SW. North. The Sally Anne sailed this morning - (Bobby at work Day 8 oClock until 5½. Wednesday 27th. NW Bobby from ½ pt. 7 until 1/4 before 4 oClock - Saw Babni & two other natives, endeavoured to impress them with feelings of honesty from the dread of punishment which I endeavoured tho' imperfectly yet impressively to explain. Thursday 28th Bobby one hour. Friday 29 Bobby one hour. Killed a pig. weigt. 12 lbs. Saturday 30 Bobby O.S. May Sunday 1st performed Divine Service. the party of the 21st [...] to the Vasse. Wm Rump's engagement expires this day. Monday 2nd Settled with Wm. Rump. Bobby from 7½ oClock to 5½. Tuesday 3rd NW. Bobby from 7 to 5H.20' Wednesday 4th NW. Squally with occasional showers. Bobby 7½ to 5½ - 20' at oxen [Last sentence crossed out.] Thursday 5th Bobby from 7½ to 5½ - 20' at dinner Say to 6 - 10. [Page 42]