Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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May 1836 Friday 6th Bobby 7 to 5.20. Oxen returned from the Vasse with Mily. Saturday 7th Bobby from 8 to 5.20 Sunday 8th Bobby one hour. performed Divine Service 4 of the Cattle absent. Monday 9th 58/8 Bobby from 7½ until 5 3/4. 20' at Dinner - Tuesday 10th NW. Bobby from 8 until 4½ oClock. Mr. Kellam assisting in drawing wood. Mr. C. Bussell returned from the Vasse much rain Wednesday 11th NW Bobby O.S. Plough taken to Mrs H. by Mr Kellam Thursday 12th South Bottled off a Qr Cask of wine much rain during the night. brought the brace home. Bobby's labor not accd for the day. Friday 13th S.W. Oxen to Mrs Heppingstone. Mr Kellam brot home iron plough too light - Mould board defection. Bobby O.S. Wellington & Bowler absent - Saturday 14th Oxen Mrs. H. Bobby to Cattle OS. Sunday 15. Bobby O.S. performed Divine Service Monday 16. NW. Oxen Mrs Hep - Tuesday 17th NW Hound[?] the Corn - Cattle Mrs. Hep. rain at interls. Wednesday 18 Airing the Corn & [...] [...] oxen & Cows not at home this night understand from Shea that Bobby only drives them as far as Mr Greens grant. Thursday 19th NW Fine Wr at the Batchelor's ball in the Evening [Page 43]