Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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May. Friday 20th NW. H. Mr Hurford from 9 until 3 oClock cutting spars. Mr Bussells Horses got into my garden and at my wheat & oats in the night & destroyed some sheaves of the former and some bundles of the latter - much injury sustained in other respects to the grounds. gave the oxen some of the refuse Straw. Mrs Heppingstone had the oxen. Saturday 21st NW. H. Mr. Hurford at work 10 to 5. Bobby all Day Sunday 22 NW performed divine Service. much rain toward Evening. Monday 23. NE to NW. some showers during the day - Thunder. Mr Hurford until 2.20 and one hour for Cattle to spring employed bringing down spars from wood. Bobby O.S Tuesday 24th NW SW Bobby O.S. Mssrs. Bussells horses trespassing on my garden & corn in the Barn. Weather [...] Rough & Raining - Mr [...] reported [...] Vasse Wednesay 25 NW. H. Mod. Wr. Bobby O.S. Mr Hurford all day Ginger & Blackbird drawing spars. Corpl Gill's Letter by Mr. Tho. Turner. occasional showers Thursday 26. NW. H. Squally & raining. the Bussell party left for the Vasse. Bobby O.S. Mr Hurford all Day from 9½ Friday 27th SW. Ocassional showers. Bobby O.S. Saturday 28 West. H. Bobby O.S. Mr Hurford from 9½. some showers Sunday 29th Bobby O.S performed Divine Service [Page 44]