Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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May 36 Monday 30 NW. Bobby O.S. Mr Hurford at work day Tuesday 31 Bobby O.S. Wednesday 1 June Bobby all day. Sally Anne arrived & anchored about 11 AM. - Sailed at 6 3/4 PM - pd Mr. Healy £1.0.0 [numbers crossed out] freight for Mr. Bussell Rcd 25 10.0 Do = Self the [...] Mr Green [the last four words crossed out.] Thursday 2nd W.. SW.} Bobby All day. Showers of rain - and occasional Squalls - Shea ceased looking after Cattle Friday 3rd SW. Bobby with the Cattle - Mr Kellam [...] in getting up Barley from the beach with Cart & oxen Saturday 4th W. Bobby with the Cattle Sunday 5th NW. Bobby Do. performed Divine Service Monday 6th Bobby Do. Some flour 1 Cask to W Rump 20lb 3.75.0 Shea £2.0.0 owes me [...] £1.15.0 Grace & Ginger absent Tuesday 7. SW. Mr Hurford at work Bobby with oxen. an [...] to Mr. Hurford for 8/-. Grace & Ginger absent Wednesday 8th NW Bobby with oxen Grace & Ginger absent. some rain. Thursday 9th Bobby Do Mr. Hurford at work Friday 10 Do Do Saturday 11 Do Do [Page 45]