Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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June 36 Sunday 12th SW performed Divine Service - Bobby to oxen. Monday 13 SW. Mr. Hurford at work - Bobby to Xn. Tuesday 14th East 28/7 Bobby Xn Mr Hurford & Kellam to work. [...] announced his desire to abstain from work for one day. Clear Wr. Wednesday 15th East NE 33/7 Mr Hurford at work - Mr Kellam part of the Day - Party from Vasse - Returned Clear Wr. Thursday 16th East 32/7 Bobby Xn. Mr Kellam 3 Bushels wheat at 15/- & no Charge to be made for cleaning. Clear Wr. a Lamb dropped from one of the Ewes. Friday 17th East Bobby Xn. Saturday 18th Anniv. Waterloo - Bobby oxen. Sunday 19th NW. Bobby oxen. performed Divine Service. Strong Breezes. Monday 20 NW. Bobby oxen - Gentle in the Garden from Bobt. negligence in not tyeing up - Torrents of Rain all this Day. Tuesday 21 SW. S. cloudy. Wr. Bobby oxen - a Tup Lamb dropped. Thos.Robinson at work the day. Wednesday 22. Rain at times Robinson at work Bobby Ox Thursday 23 Robinson - Bobby Oxen. Friday 24th Robinson, Bobby oxen, 200 lbs flour to Mr. Kellam & Robinson Saturday 25th [...] Gov. Letters [...] The Poll Cow calved during the night. Robinson this day Bobby to Oxen. Settled with Mr Green. Mr Bussell pd me £1. freight pd to Mr. Henty. put Govr Letters Mrs Heppingstone Acct. & sundry Memoranda in the Green portfolio. [Page 46]