Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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July 1836 Monday 25th S.E. Moderate Wr. Bobby Xn. Robinson at work Wallace thatching Tuesday 26. E.S.E. Moderate & Cloudy some rain - Wallace thatching - Bobby oxen. Robinson at work The Cattle all at home accepting Strawberry who strayed about the vicinity of the barracks. a Cask of flour to Mrs Heppingstone Wednesday 27th S.E. Mr T Cow Moderate & fine Wr Wallace thatching Robinson at work Bobby oxen got the large boat afloat Rump at work. Mr. Turners Cow herded with mine Thursday 28th NW. Some thunder with showers of rain Bobby oxen none other employed Friday 29th Robinson at work. Bobby oxen Killed a small pig. Rump at work Saturday 30th NW to W Bobby oxen - Robinson absent - Wallace at work. heavy showers Ginger & Blackbird absent Sunday 31st NW Much rain - Ginger & Blackbird absent - Bobby remainder of oxen. Rainy with Violent gusts of wind during the night August 1st 1836 Monday 1st Bobby oxen. - Wallace thatching. - Settled with Robinson. Mrs. Heppingstone a cask of flour taken away. rainy & boisterous weather some Thunder. Tuesday 2nd Herded the Cattle - Wellington & Grace absent - no persons employed. Moderate Wr. occasional showers. Wednesday 3rd. Herded the Cattle - same absentees as yesterday. Rump dabbing. Mild & Clear Wr. Calm & Mild. Thursday 4th Herding Cattle. Rump at the Dab. Wallace Friday 5th Herding Cattle Rump Dabbing Fine Wr. occasional showers [Page 49]