Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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1836 August 6th Saturday [...] [...] moderate at night Heavy showers. Herded Cattle. Rump at the Dab - Shea brought down Baldwin from Turnwood Gentle calved about 7 oClock a bull calf - Pony & Grace caught in the afternoon Fresh gales from the N.W. This day 7 years I was married to my beloved Wife & we have won the Flitch of Bacon Sunday 7. Bobby to oxen. performed Divine Service- Monday 8 North. Bob. to oxen - Robinson & Rump at work - Mr Kellam from 11 until abt 2 oClock at Plough - Fine Wr. Tuesday 9th Calm NW. Bob. oxen - Robinson & Rump at work. Mr. Kellam from 11½ until abt 1½ oClock - agreed with Rump to take him on my establishment as a General servant for six months from the period when he & shall have completed his present work of Dab. found a Cask of flour infested with White Ants much injured about one third lost which smelt like Stilton Cheese - I had not the curiousity to taste it. Robinson left off about 4½ oClock Wednesday 10th S.W. Bobby oxen. Rump from 12 oClock this day at work Some rain at times. Thursday 11. Moderate Wr. Rump came down the River Oxen at Plough. found that Bobby had taken Charge of the oxen on my Search for them, closed my Acct with Mr Rump leaving a balance due to me of 8 shillings (Eight) Mr Kellam & Robinson until 2½ oClock Bobby oxen Friday 12th Oxen at plough until 1½ . Mr Kellam until that time from [...] ploughed myself in the Aftern. Robinson the day. Bobby oxen Saturday 13 Oxen Plough until 1 oClock finished. Robinson one hour in the afternoon. [Page 50]