Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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August 1836 Sunday 14th NW. Very rainy & Strong Gales of wind. Lead family Service & one of Mr. Wilsons Sermons. Bobby oxen Monday 15 S.W. Strong Gales Bobby oxen Robinson at work one hour short of time (The Old Nanny kidded a male) Tuesday 16. W. Moderate Wr. Employed Sowing Barley on the Killiter. Robinson at work. Bobby oxen Mr. Kellam Sowing. Wednesday 17. West. Heavy showers during the day employed sowing & burrowing. Robinson came to work after breakfast & contd until 2 oClock Bobby oxen Mr Kellam from 10 until 2 oClock. Thursday 18th W. Strong gales with occasional heavy showers Bobby oxen. None others Friday 19th S.W. S. Bobby oxen Fine Wr. Pr oxen to Mr. Hurford & plough Saturday 20. S.E. Bobby oxen Fine Wr. Strawberry & Betty up for the day. Sunday 21 S.E. Bobby oxen (Strawberry up) Monday 22 Bobby oxen. Ploughed a Patch on the Killiter, Reference from Mr. Turner & Mr. Green abt the [...] [...] bill for [...] during the last month. Tuesday 23rd Bobby oxen Sowed Oats & [...] in - [...] [...] to lower part of the Killiter [...] pd.[...] on a/c of Robinson ten shillings. Wednesday 24th Bobby oxen - [Page 51]