Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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August 1836 Thursday 25 Bobby oxen Received one hundred Bundles Rushes from Mr. Kellam Robinson assisted in the Morning. One Bushel Barley to Mrs Heppingstone Friday 26th Bobby oxen. Wallace Thatching Saturday 27. Bobby oxen Wallace Thatching Mr. Hurford putting up the fence - Sunday 28th Performed Divine Service. Bobby oxen Monday 29 Bobby oxen Wallace at Thatch finished abt 3 oClock Mr Hurford at work - Tuesday 30th NW Bobby oxen paid Wallace one pound five shillings for thatching. Some heavy showers. Wednesday 31st Mr Hurford at work Bobby oxen drawing timber for Cattle pound. Very fine Wr. - Forty during the night September Thursday 1 Bobby oxen - Employed in the garden Mr. Kellam administered a draught to the pigs who are "en mauvais etat" - Ginger - Wellington & Grace absent. - a hoar frost this morning Friday 2nd SW Bobby oxen Mr. Hurford at work. Pr oxen timber [...] Saturday 3 Bobby oxen Mr Hurford at work Sawing "[...] whether for measurement or labor" Rufus not brot home - Wm. 2 hours in search Sunday 4 NW. Lead Divine Service Wr. showery Bobby oxen [Page 52]