Diary 01: Diary of John and Georgiana Molloy: 28 January 1835 - 8 April 1837

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1836 September 4. Rufus found near Mr. Kellams by Wm. shortly after daylight Monday 5. To the Vasse. - Mr. Kellam Home & Wm. leading [... harness?] Left Augusta at 7 oClock halted to refresh at Glenarty met the 21st Telecord[?] party - & halted at Mr Chapman Bobby oxen Mr. Hurford sawing Tuesday 6 Started at 7 oClock saw some Natives. halted beyond Bonfire Knot Stream No 1 and refreshed Bivouacked at No. 2 Rapid Street Mr Kellam Empd. Bobby oxen Wednesday 7 Left our Bivk. abt. 8 oClock The road much embarrassed halted abt. an hour at the first convenient pt. on the Vasse Land about 2 oClock. Mr Kellam Empd. Bobby oxen Thursday 8. Issued notice to sell by Auction the following Suburban grants Geo Layman F. Ludlow M. Gill E Dawson Thunder & heavy Rain Mr Kellam Absent Bobby oxen Friday 9 Wr. Detained by the uncertain appr of the weather. Mr Layman proposed selling me his Brown Steer &c on condition of the use of a pair of oxen to him up his suburban grant. Cold & Showery Wr. Mr Kellam Empd. Bobby oxen Saturday 10 Crossed the River abt. 11 oClock Left its banks abt. 10 minutes after at 11.25 the Corpl. killed a Kango. Southerly for ½ an hour to avoid swamps at 12 oClock [...] 2.30 River 1/4 mile further crossed a small inlet contd our course until 3.5. halted until 4.15 then contd until 5.10 halted on the banks of a River wh was about mid deep in fording. The Lennox suppose Bobby oxen Sunday 11 Breakfasted & moved off at 8.33 arrived at a River at 9.5. Running NE. at 9.55 crossed a small serpentine stream sandy land extension swamp entered on some undulating Country 10.20 W.N.W. 10.50 another stream at 11 oClock crossed 12.10 after passed some hills, came to a small brook 1.2 until 1.15 halted at a stream until 2 oClock at 2.45 came to an extensive plain Swampy from thence thro' a deep swamp until 3.50 when we came on the left arm of the [...] inlet halted at 4 oClock [...] Bobby oxen Monday 12 Started at 8.5 & at 8.38 made the inlet at 9.27 crossed the larger Swamp near the inlet abt ½ Mile then SE until 10oClock at 10.50 we were swamped unloaded & forded the Stream banks soft mud 11.20 moved on until 11.50 at 12.20 crossed the Lennox & halted. Bobby oxen Mr H. Sawing Tuesday 13th Marched at 8 oClock 8.25 a Swamp over open Wood Land 8.55 halt 11'22in. grassy small Black boys & [...] bulbs 9.44 good Land 10 oClock a deep Swamp crossed at 10"30' moved on found ourselves at the head of the Lake on the N. River at 11.5 contd our route & arrived at 12.55 on the Vasse at ½ Mile E.S.E Sold Subt. Allotments. Mr. Kellam Empd. Sowed Spinach. Bobby oxen. Mr. H. sawing. Wednesday 14 Marked out Town Boundary 46 Chains allottd to Dawson 20 Acres. Mr Kellam Empd. Mr H. sawing. Bobby oxen Thursday 15 Mr Kellam Empd. Mr Hurford sawing Bobby oxen Friday 16. Mr. Kellam Empd. Mr. Hurford sawing Bobby oxen [Page 53]